Revise the light color of A4L door sill

Some months ago , a customer want to find A4L door sill in white or red color , I looked through the market but only Blue one available . At last , I really hope to help him , so try to revise the light color by myself .

Firstly , I have to buy the blue one .

IMG_20140706_230729 -1

I tear off the back sticker then I see three items behind.

IMG_20140706_231246 -2

see these things in front .

IMG_20140706_231300 -3

I had thought it should be good if by EL light , I bought the red one as sample .

IMG_20140706_231921 -4

But when I try to replace the blue one , I found that it is wrong , the film has color itself . The red EL light seems dim .

IMG_20140706_231936 -5

Besides the blue film , I believe it is perfect .

IMG_20140706_232132 -6

I also prepare a 3W White SMD light , if put behind the film , it is very bright , looks light blue because of the blue film .

IMG_20140706_232530 -7

I take another picture to prove that .

IMG_20140706_232539 -8

This is the white SMD light , it is not enough long , but I can purchase longer one .

IMG_20140706_232714 -9

What a surprised for this blue film , why they don’t use transparent one in black shadow ?

IMG_20140706_232854 -10

EL light use 3V , has to install a small relay to emulate the light , so although the light is beautiful , it is not the best choice .     IMG_20140706_233740 -11

I waited some days for my booked LED Plate light , they are various in voltage  , here is 1.9V , 3.7V , 12V , but lighting output is same .  It is the same light as A4L sample now .

(Red one )

IMG_20140707_221546 -12

(Yellow one back)

IMG_20140707_221642 -13

(Yellow one front)

IMG_20140707_221716 -14

(Blue one , which is 100% same as my A4L sample )

IMG_20140707_221851 -15

(white one )

IMG_20140707_222054 -16

( in fact , the white one has 9 led beads , it is quite bright )

IMG_20140707_222104 -17

At last I install the white one back to the A4L door sill ,  it is simple too , I have glue , 3M sticker , just waste some time on it .

IMG_20140706_233108 -18

IMG_20140706_233243 -19

IMG_20140706_233450 -20

However , revise the Audi A4 door sill light is an interesting work but waste time and money .  I have to buy welding tool , LED sample ( the led factory request big money if just buy sample ) , stickers , glue , power bank before start to work . It seems that in fact I pay the value  is more than the products itself . Anyway , at last , my customer is happy to see his white color door sill .

Customer happiness is my happiness , when I get good remark , I think it is worth .   Enjoy !


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