Trouble solver for magnet style bixenon hid bulb


If your car install magnet style hid , but not work properly , please try to install this in another car lamp’s socket .

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Choice of Hid plug:

– 9004 ( Compatible with 9007 )
– 9007 ( Compatible with 9004 )
– H4
– H13


– The price is by Piece !
– It mainly solve magnet hi/low hid bulb.
– Trouble solver use when moving hi/low hid bulb ( one kind of bixenon bulb ) can not work properly , the matter like can not move up and down the glass bulb , one side turn on but another side is still off . There is other situation , it happens on some cars especially in Japan cars , some European cars might be too .
– Those cars postive pole and negative pole might be swap when output from original car factory , cause relay cable can not work properly . So this small part can solve it .
– Installation : Just put it in another side of car lamp . Very easy . But still rare car can not work . ( Although we didn’t meet such case , please notice it )
– Customer must make sure understand all info of above before ordering .
– We might need 3 – 5 days to prepare .

Additional information

Solver plug

9004, 9007, H4, H13


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